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quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

The Satanic Scriptures

About "The Satanic Scriptures":

The Satanic Scriptures is a book by current High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore. Like The Satanic Bible before it, it is a collection of essays and observations; as well, it obtains the detailed writings on once non-public Satanic rituals. The hardback edition of the book was given a limited release on April 30th, 2007, Walpurgisnacht, with a mainstream release following on the 13th of October the same year.

The book was published by Scapegoat Publishing as a 304 page clothbound edition, a slipcased edition, and as a paperback edition.


A large portion of the essays were released prior to the book; however, some of the essays included in the book are improved variations. Some, including the essay released in the excerpt, deal with what the Church of Satan deems to be pseudo-Satanists, and those whom refuse to affiliate with the Church, but instead form their own groups.
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The website claims that other essays will touch on the similarity between fascist aesthetics and LaVeyan Satanism, along with a multitude of political issues that correlate to the Satanic viewpoint, as the released table of contents shows. Included, but not limited to, are issues such as terrorism in the United States.


Many of the rituals detailed in the book were previously only known to members of the priesthood in the Church of Satan, such as the wedding rite which was performed by founder Anton LaVey, along with the details for a Satanic funeral, assumed to be a variation on one such which was performed on him. While a Satanic wedding had been performed by Anton LaVey in 1967, between Radical journalist John Raymond and New York socialite Judith Case, Satanists, especially non-Church of Satan members, have generally opted for secular weddings in the absence of these rituals availbile outside of the priesthood. The same is for funerals, despite LaVey having performed a Satanic funeral for naval officer Edward Olsen.

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