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General Info On Alien Abductions:

The terms alien abduction or abduction phenomenon describe "subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one’s will by apparently nonhuman entities and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures."[1] People claiming to have been abducted are usually called "abductees" or "experiencers." Typical claims involve being subjected to a forced medical examination that emphasizes their reproductive system.[2] Abductees sometimes claim to have been warned against environmental abuse and the dangers of nuclear weapons.[3] Consequently, while many of these purported encounters are described as terrifying, some have been viewed as pleasurable or transformative.

Due to a lack of any substantial physical evidence, most scientists and mental health professionals dismiss the phenomenon as "deception, suggestibility (fantasy-proneness, hypnotizability, false-memory syndrome), personality, sleep phenomena, psychopathology, psychodynamics [and] environmental factors.".[4] Skeptic Robert Sheaffer also sees similarity between the aliens depicted in early science fiction films, in particular, Invaders From Mars, and those reported to have actually abducted people.[5]

The first alien abduction claim to be widely publicized was the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in 1961.[6] Reports of the abduction phenomenon have been made around the world, but are most common in English speaking countries, especially the United States.[5] The contents of the abduction narrative often seem to vary with the home culture of the alleged abductee.[5]

Alien abductions have been the subject of conspiracy theories and science fiction storylines (notably The X-Files) which have speculated on stealth technology required if the phenomenon were real, the motivations for secrecy and that alien implants could be a possible form of physical evidence.


1 Overview
2 History
2.1 Paleo-abductions
2.2 Contactees
2.3 Two landmark cases
2.4 Later developments
2.4.1 John Mack
3 Abductors
3.1 Motivations
4 Abductees
4.1 Paranormal
4.2 Demographics
5 The abduction narrative
5.1 Capture
5.2 Examination
5.3 Subsequent abduction procedures
5.3.1 Child presentation
5.4 Less common elements
5.5 Return
5.6 Realization event
6 Trauma and recovery
6.1 Support groups
6.2 Therapeutical Hypnosis
7 Perspectives
7.1 Skeptical perspectives
7.1.1 Examples
7.2 Paranormal and conspiratorial
7.3 Testimonials
7.4 Attempts at confirmation
8 Notable abduction claims
9 Notable figures
10 See also
11 Footnotes
12 Further reading
13 External links

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