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Apocalypse Culture II

Info On The Book:

Apocalypse Culture II is a book edited by Adam Parfrey and published by Feral House in 2000 (ISBN 0-922915-57-1). A sequel to his previous work, Apocalypse Culture, it continues the probing of societal taboos, with special attention given to child pornography, cannibalism, terrorism, assorted paraphilia, scatological research, abnormal racisms, misanthropic ecology, and mind control.
Parfrey clarifies, in the preface, that the collection is not a "manifesto or a smorgasbord of personal fetishes or beliefs." "The book was compiled to examine far-reaching and extreme societal tendrils."
It is dedicated to "the memory of Vladimir Jabotinsky 1880-1940." It opens with quotations from Wilhelm Stekel's Sadism and Masochism and Woodrow Parfrey's (the editor's father, imdb entry) death scene as a mass murderer in the Naked City episode, "Burst of Passion".
Unable to find a printer willing to risk prosecution (under the Child Pornography Prevention Act), the book was published with certain illustrations censored. The obscene parts of artwork by Blalla Hallman, Stu Mead, and Beth Love were blacked out, albeit in an incomplete manner. Feral House made the objectionable paintings available for viewing on their website.


Title  ↓
Author  ↓
Subjects  ↓
Human Pigs
The Strange Crime of Issei Sagawa
Bottom Feeder
Anti-abortion comic pamphlet
From Cradle to Ladle
Recipes for preparing children, infants, and fetuses
For Fear of Little Men
The Son of a New Morality Which Drowned Many in Her Wake
Bacteriological Warfare
The Conspiracy Virus, and How Mass Media Tries to Prevent It
Techniques for Truth Suppression

The Scapegoat: Ted Kaczynski, Ritual Murder, and The Invocation of Catastrophe
The cryptocracy's framing of Ted Kaczynski
America, The Possessed Corpse

The Jonestown Re-enactment
Murder Lite
Joe alt.true.crime
FAQ about murder lover JOE, his postings on the true crime newsgroup, plus his letter to Danny Rolling
Danny Rolling's Letter
I Am The Hate
Firsthand account of the author's assault of his girlfriend
Hatred and Anger
Dear Satan,

Letters sent to Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan
The Pornography of Romance
John Hinckley's Letters and Poems
Letters to Jodie Foster
Uncle Ronnie's Sex Slaves
Ritual Abuse

List of symptoms and syndromes regarding Satanic ritual abuse
Ceto's New Friends
The Private Zone
Excerpts from a 1982 child sexual assault prevention book
Pedophilia and the Morally Righteous
Prime Time

The Late, Great Aesthetic Taboos
The Color Section

Inaugurator of the Pleasure Dome: Bobby Beausoleil
My Lips Pressed Against the Decay
The Ketamine Necromance

Who Is the Most Masterful Seducer of Them All?
Steps In Overcoming Masturbation
The New Hermaphrodite
Total Body Transplants

Death By Installments

The Syrup of Memory

Hi-Tech Market Research

Project Blue Beam: The Electronic Second Coming

Bye Bye Miss American Pie As Sung By Aryan Nations

Holding Onto Jesus' Feet

Jesus/Lucifer Santa/Satan? The Apocalyptic Parables Of Norbert H. Kox

The Bleeder

David and Hitler go to the planet Mars

What Is It?

Never Again!

Jews For Hitler

Were Whites Made by Yacub through Selective Breeding?
Dr. S. Epps

The War of the Balls excerpted from The Isis Papers

Kill and Kill Again

Brown Magic

The Fecal Sorcerer

Edible Reward for Dry Pants

The Shit List
Jack's Number Two


Mr. Awesome Proves Everybody Is A Star

The Vampire Manifesto

Pentti Linkola / Introduction by Michael Moynihan

Ship of Fools

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