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Alien Autopsy

Info On Alien Autopsy:

Alien Autopsy is a 2006 British comedy film with elements of science fiction, directed by Jonny Campbell. Written by William Davies, it relates the events surrounding the famous "alien autopsy" film promoted by Ray Santilli and stars Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, also known as Ant & Dec. The film was a moderate commercial success domestically, making no. 3 on the British box office chart.


Ray Santilli, along with his friend Gary Shoefield, go to America to find Elvis memorabilia to sell on the market stall he runs in London. Harvey, a former US Army cameraman, sells them a silent black and white film of Elvis performing live, but later returns with a very intriguing offer. Harvey takes Ray to Miami, Florida to see a film from 1947 showing the autopsy of an alien supposedly killed in a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Harvey wants $30,000 for the film. Gary and Ray return to England to look for an investor to give them the money. A Hungarian art dealer, Laszlo Voros, who is obsessed with crop circles, gives Ray the $30,000 after Ray convinces Voros that he is telling the truth. Harvey gets the money and gives the film to Ray and Gary. However, in the interim, the film has "eaten itself" (i.e. degraded from humidity and heat) and is now completely unwatchable, so the duo decide to film their own "remake" of the movie in order to remain on the good side of Voros. Based on Ray's memories of the content of the original, and with the help of some friends, plus a very convincing replica of the dead alien made from a mannequin and meat products from a friend's butcher shop, Ray and Gary remake the autopsy film, using a supposed Bell and Howell spring-wound camera that does not record sound, and turning the living room of Gary's sister's home into a movie set in the process. Once finished, Ray gives a copy of the new film to Voros, who believes it – with the retro camera pictures being the main cause. But when Voros hears that the film is going on air worldwide, he claims that he never gave his permission for Santilli to distribute the film and demands – very threateningly – that they stop the international airings. Good fortune intervenes, however, when Voros is knocked down and killed by a green Land Rover (supposedly driven by a CIA agent) whilst standing naked in the middle of a crop circle.
Amber Fuentes, a newswoman, eventually tracks down Harvey, who demands from Ray and Gary that they help him keep his anonymity. They produce an interview with a homeless person (who coincidentally had been an actor 40 years previously) posing as Harvey, making the newswoman believe she is onto the wrong man. The film ends with the now restored original 1947 film, which Ray had left in the hands of film restoration experts in the hope that the footage could somehow be recovered, being returned to them; some sections had been repaired and were now watchable. After viewing the film, Ray and Gary bury it, telling each other that they can't go through with it all over again.

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